Grand Trunk Community Hub

After years of debate and delay, Stratford is ready to move forward to the development of this large and central site.

My Priorities

  • To start the redevelopment in a timely and fiscally responsible way
  • Create a new multi-generational facility – active adults / youth centre
  • A new YMCA
  • Expanded university facilities
  • Space for community groups – cultural and arts programming
  • Ample parking and green space

Affordable and Social Housing

Affordable and social housing are two areas which have become pressing. As our city’s economy has prospered and Stratford continues to be a desirable place in which to live, the available inventory of housing options has tightened significantly.

My Priorities

  • Insuring completion of current projects
  • Working with residential developers to promote a mix of affordable, social and market-value housing
  • Developments to include green spaces access to transit
  • Ensuring that housing developments are part of an integrated community
  • Responsible land use including consideration of density, in-fill, and re-designation

Employment and Economic Development

I have been involved in the employment sector for over 16 years and I understand the importance of having a community “at work”. Stratford has had among the lowest level of unemployment in Ontario for several years now. This is an important indicator as it shows the strength of Stratford.

We must continue to Retain & Recruit to ensure that we continue to be a leader. We are very fortunate to be a destination of choice for large international companies which have chosen to call Stratford home for their business. However, it is just as important to recognize the locally grown businesses which started here and continue to flourish.

To envision what is next – anything is possible. As a community we see Stratford constantly change and adapt as we identify opportunities and confronted challenges. There are challenges of course – a skilled workforce, affordable housing for those who move here for employment, as well as those for whom Stratford is already both a home and a workplace.

My Priorities

  • Recruit new industries and business
  • Retain current businesses
  • Ensure a balanced and diverse economy
  • Continue to build our international reputation as a place to do business
  • Support the University of Waterloo and its role as an incubator for emerging digital businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Support for business in key areas:
    • Labour attraction
    • Serviced ready land


Roads, bridges, sewers, storm-ponds, transit systems, parks are all elements of a community that are the prerogative of the municipal government. Stratford has made great strides in upgrading its infrastructure and has developed a flexible long-term plan for maintaining that infrastructure.

My Priorities

  • Continued planned replacement and upgrades of roads, bridges, sewers
  • A responsive transit system that meets the needs of all residents
  • Supporting the gradually implementation of the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan
  • Continue to improve our parks system to enhance the quality of life for residents of Stratford
  • Continue to work with Festival Hydro to identify new environmentally friendly cost-effective power

Continued Debt Reduction

The debt we have incurred is largely to undertake necessary critical infrastructure upgrades and replacements, much of which had been deferred by previous councils.

My Priorities

  • Continue to reduce the debt at a sustainable rate